Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Adventure Begins....

On Wednesday September 29th of last year, I got the biggest surprise ever. This, after my coworkers were making fun of me for saying that I thought my food smelled bad. They all said that it sounded suspicious to them. 

Since I hadn't gotten my "little friend" in those days like I was suppost to, I decided to buy an at home pregnancy test BEFORE my husband got home. The reason I wanted to do it before he got home was because it the test turned out to be negative, I didn't feel it was necessary for him to get stressed out about it. So, I got home and the moment I went into the bathroom I HAD to go pee. With nerves on end I took the test and waited.... Let me take this time to say that if you read the instructions of a pregnancy test, it says that you usually have to wait at least 2 minutes for the results. I waited SECONDS! As soon as I put the stick (test) down, you could see the "Positive" result. That's right, the biggest surprise ever was finding out that I was pregnant!

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