Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First doctor's appointment


Today I went to my first gyn. appointment, and being that your dad wants to be such a great father he went with us. He's making sure that he is very involved in everything that has to deal with the pregnancy. He made it very clear that he wants to know how your doing as far as groth and health goes, so that he can brag about you to everyone he knows. 

Your dad might seem like a really serious man, but he is the silliest, funniest person ever. Even when he upsets me or makes me cry, (I cry over just about anything...) he always comes back a minute later and says he's sorry or does something to make me laugh. 

Your grandmother (my mom) is the one that is really going nuts as far as this pregnancy goes. She called just to tell me that she was at Sam's Club and that she saw lots of toys and dolls, and little play houses and that she wanted to buy them for you. She said she started laughing though because I'm not even 2 months along and she's already thinking of buying toys and dolls and what not, and we don't even know your sex yet! 

*I find myself crying sometimes thinking about your great-grandmother Sara, who we all lovingly called Mamita. I would cry not only becuase I miss her, but also because you will never get to meet the one woman who was to most strong-willed, strict, never give up, fun-loving, big hearted person that I was lucky enough to get to share almost 27 years of my life with. She would have spoiled you rotten and I would have been completely ok with that. Even though she's no longer with us, I can garrantee that she would have loved you like as if you'd have been the only person in her world. She will be greatly missed.

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