Thursday, September 15, 2011

Funniest weekend EVER!!

This weekend, I decided to spend it with my family. The obvious reason being: 
1. I love spending time with them.
2. I get to tell them I'm pregnant!

I also chose this weekend, because my sister would also be there for the weekend too. That means that almost the entire family would be together. I say almost because I have a younger brother, but he lives in FL. 

Now, the great thing about all this is getting to plan HOW your going to tell them. This is my first child, my parents first grandchild, and obviously my brother and sisters' first niece. So... before heading up the mountain to get to their house, I had a day or two to think about how I was going to do this. (plotting) My mom's birthday was at the end of this month (October, check the date up top) so what I decided to do, was to put the home pregnancy test into a fancy box. Something that looks like its made for jewelry, and make a copy of the lab results. Both these things, I put into a decorative bag and hid once I got to my parents home. 

After I got there and spent a good while talking about alittle bit of everything, I told my mom that since I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it for her birthday I'd be giving her her present now. I got the bag and before handing it to her, I told her, "First open the box, THEN read the paper. Now, before anything, I'm gonna let you know that this gift, is one that I think Iris (my sister) and dad are going to take away from you every chance they get. You've been warned." With that said she took the box out and opened it. The look on her face was PRICELESS!! She was completely clueless as to what she was looking at. My sister was the one who said "Thats a pregnancy test!! Are you pregnant?!" The look on my mom's face said, stop pulling my leg, I know your not pregnant. I just looked at her and said, (rolling my eyes) "Just look at the paper." When she did, she STILL didn't know what she was looking at! And AGAIN my sister says, "That says positive! YOUR PREGNANT! Your pregnant aren't you?!" This is when my mom decides to look at me and ask, "Are you pregnant?? Your not pregnant." All I did was look at her and nod my head. Thats when I hear my mom say, "Your pregnant?! I'm gonna be a grandma? (question) I'm gonna be a grandma (shock) I'M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!! AHHHHHH (SCREAMING!! AND TEARS) I thought that I was going to cry, but seeing and hearing her reaction was so FUNNY all I could do was laugh! My sister was crying as well, and just about pushed my mom out of her way so that she could be the first to hug me.  After that, we went to my grandfather's house to give him and my uncle the news as well. The reactions were just about the same. IT WAS GREAT!! I'm just sad that when I went to record my mom's reaction, my battery was dead (sad face). 

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