Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best Christmas EVER!!

I have to admit that this Christmas has been the BEST! Not only because it's the first that I get to spend it with my little girl Adrianna, but because she and I (even though my husband couldn't make it...) got to spend it in Florida for a big family reunion. We had a really good time, and my family fell in love with my AJ (Adrianna Joelys). Since we live in Puerto Rico, and the majority of my family lives in FL. we obviously dont see each other very often. So the chance for us to all get together and spend such a wonderful time together was amazing. Below is a picture of myself with my baby, my family and my grandfather in the center.

Another reason why my Christmas was so excellent is because of what I got from Santa... LOOK!

Ok, well this picture looks funny since I can only post it upside down, and I have to admit that the 2 that were on sale was a gift I made myself. The others were from my brother. (He's so sweet)

Then, to start the New Year, I got a nice surprise:

These 2 were in my mailbox 2 days later!! (YAY me!!)

So, did you guys get what you wanted for Xmas?? How did you celebrate Xmas and New Year?

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