Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Growing SO quickly!

I think that all of us as mothers are at one point or another told of how fast our little ones will grow. We're also told to enjoy every minute of every moment with them because in the bat of an eye, they've grown up. I'm a first time mom and I've always known that was true, (even before having my little girl). But when the reality of it all sets in, it really is amazing how quickly your babies grow. 

Adrianna is 5 months 3 weeks old and she's already got her 2 bottom teeth. She's almost doubled her weight and her length. Even though she's still to say her first word, she is a very vocal baby. She's already trying to stand on her own (which is still impossible for her) but she does it as long as she's holding my hands. 

I'd love to know when your child/children got there first tooth and what your reaction was to this new milestone.

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